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         Photo of Cajon
    courtesy of Robert Towler

             Photo of tongue drum
            courtesy of Robert Towler

                        Photo of Dunduns
               courtesy of Rhythm Konnections


This site includes info on building hand drums and percussion. The majority of the information comes from two extraordinary builders, Robert Towler (Scally) and Glenn Huxtable. If you can follow in their footsteps, you'll produce great drums.

This is just a beginning - the site is far from complete. More information will be added as time goes on.

Finding information about hand drum building was far more difficult than drums for a drum set (snare, tom, kick). I guess there are less players so it would make sense that there are also less builders. But that just makes the available information that much more valuable.

In particular, I've found very little on building congas, so that's why there isn't a conga section yet. I've heard that they are often hand carved, so that may be part of it, although I would think that at least some of them are built from staves. Clearly more investigation is needed on my part.

The brown navigation bar at the top will take you to instructions on how to build cajons, dunduns, djembes, and also tongue drums, a type of percussion instrument. All fun stuff. Enjoy!

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New additions to this site:
1/04/10 Updated Mike Robertson's conga tutorial on the Conga Page.
10/15/09 Updated info on the Cajon Page.
9/28/09 Added Conga Page.
9/9/09 Added Connor Ellinger's step-by-step tutorial on how he built his cajon.
8/4/09 Added section on Ashikos.
8/4/09 Updated glue info on the Cajon Page.
8/3/09 Added info on glue and screws to the Cajon Page.