There are two ways you can go, you can have badges made or make them yourself. The "lost wax die cast method" is a fun process, but it is one that requires tools that the average guy will not have in his workshop. For this reason, some people prefer to just purchase them.
A list of suppliers that manufacture badges can be found on the Supplier's Page. Or, if you want to make your own, just Google search "lost wax die cast youtube" and you'll find lots of instructional videos.

Where do you guys get your badges made?
I have tried my local trophy shops and all I could find/get was like brass coloured plate, to engrave, or 2 layer plastic... both looked cheap to me.
I think I would like something printed, or even embossed on a brass plate type thing...
Dude had a lazer thing, that would burn right into the wood, but a shell wouldn't fit into the machine. I thought of making a little wooden square, and getting that done, but I think wood would look too cluttery, and bulky.

Had a friend help with a design and pixelating it to what ever they needed. Emailed it to them. I think I ordered 50 to get a price break or something. I got polished brass, with pre-drilled holes. Square. Neat thing is, about 6 or 8 years, they still are very nice! No peeling brass, corosion or anything, which can be common with "the cheapest guy..."

Thanks man.. I tried him... Hes not very good at reading instructions and keeps trying to sell me what I do not want... His website looks good, But I really get the feeling that I am dealing with an idiot when I read emails from this guy. I am currently looking for someone alse. The BrassName guy doesn't listen.

Yeah, I think he is Russian or something. It took about three tries, but it was right when I got them. I think Ego posted here some badges he was working on. Kanbasher at All-Star, probably also.

Yeah, his work seems nice enough. He just seemed to not listen. Hehe, I AM on the third try though.. maybe he'll come around.

I emailed tyler@ ego lastnight... He got back to me right away, and knew what I wanted.

I'm still gonna shop around some more, and see what happens.. I'll let you all know how it goes.

tbone: does badges specially for drums - also helps in design. check here:

You could also try to contact Greg at Artisan and see if he would be willing to tell you where he got his done at.

I've taken the forum badges off of the wraps and removed all the tapey stuff off the back of 'em, my question now is how do I stick 'em back on the drums?

I use #4 brass screws through small holes in the badges.
I would think something like "Goop" (see your local Hobby Lobby) would work great (just a few drops).

I've had good results with 3m spray adhesive. I scuffed the mating areas just to make sure adhesion was not an issue.

I was thinking about a badge to put on the drums I build so the people I sell them to don't take credit for it. This has only happened once, but I don't want it to happen again. Instead of putting a badge on the outside like most drums, I was thinking about putting one on the inside. Kind of like the old Gretsch. A piece of paper with all the info on it.

I sand the inside of mine at 240 and 280. Then, I take a permanent Sharpe marker and sign my name inside! THEN, I've got an engraving kit, the ones that are metal things with the letters on it. I STAMP the inside. The letters are 1/8 in tall. My name, the drum serial number, the date I started the build. Which corresponds to a Word doc. They would have to sand about 1/16 deep to get the engraving out. Then, I oil it.

I wonder if there is any way to "brand" the inside of the shell with a branding iron. You know, get a plate with yer name on it, heat it up red hot and stamp it in. I think it would look pretty cool.

Probably. Used to be a thread about branding on the outside. Trick on the inside is getting enough room to get the brand even. Would need the 'stick' (handle) at some angle to get a even brand. That's why I like the stamping. Can do it even in an 8 inch shell, dents into the wood, and I can serial number the drums...

Woodcraft sells custom branding irons. Very expensive though.

This is my 1st attempt at putting together a 'badge' for my drums; The real metal ones would cost $500 for the 1st 500, so I thought I'd try a decal that I printed on my inkjet & can be lacquered over. There is a decal paper available with white as the backgroung also. I have a sample of that, too, but didn't like it too much.

It looks great! my only concern is that the ink might fade like many inkjet printers do if in direct sunlight.

For information on where to purchase badges, see the Supplier's page.