Road life in a funky band

Copyright © 2021 by Robert Stapleton
Vocal - Travis Bowlin
Scat singing and background vocals - Michael Ricks
Guitar - Jon Conley
Sax - Chris West
All other instruments - Robert Stapleton

Girls gone funky!

Copyright © 2000 by Robert Stapleton and Vickie Carrico
Vocal - Vickie Carrico
Organ - Johnny Neel
Guitar - unknown
Bass, Drums - Robert Stapleton
Background vocals - Vickie Carrico, Theresa Andersson

Featuring young gals Cori and Haley

Copyright © 2017 by Robert Stapleton and Sali Hagan Parrish
Vocal - Sali Hagan Parrish
Guitar - Steve Holeman
Clavinet - unknown
Drums - Bill Crabtree
Bass - Robert Stapleton
Background vocals - Vickie Carrico

Old school R&B funk

Copyright © 2013 by Robert Stapleton
Vocal, keyboards - Johnny Neel
Bass, Drums - Robert Stapleton