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Welcome to the Nashville Screenwriters Meetup Group.


Author Patricia Hudson sent this info from a highly regarded Screenwriter's workshop in Atlanta. Even if you miss it this year, this is a valuable resource to hang on to for the future.
Subject: Introducing Screenwriter School Workshop!
We are excited to announce a new six week screenwriting workshop starting October 10th! The workshop is led by Michael Lucker, who has penned more than twenty feature screenplays for studios such as Paramount, Disney, DreamWorks, Fox and Universal, including Vampire in Brooklyn, Home On the Range, Mulan II and Spirit, which won the Academy Award in 2002 as best animated feature.
More information on the program can be found here:

We hope to see you there!

Jenn Lewis
Screenwriter School

Member Mike Voss forwarded this link to check out:

Member Lily Wilson sent this interesting link to a Pixar animation blog where they describe their rules
for telling a good story.

Our group goals are:
To critique each others' work for the purpose of becoming better writers.
To educate ourselves on the industry standards and trends.
To discuss the quality writing of the masters and learn from it.
To network with each other and also related groups such as film makers and actors.

For our next meeting:
We spend the first part of each session in a casual chat format. It's amazing how much can be learned simply by talking to other writers about their experiences.
If you have a work in progress and and want critique, bring 5-10 pages of your screenplay and enough copies to pass around (check attendance on the Meetup site). In the summer months we're a small group and three or four copies does the job - people can share if needed. We read our scripts aloud as others read along.
If you don't have anything ready to read, that's OK too.

We are part of the Nashville Writers Meetup Group ( which also encompasses novelists, poets and many other groups.

Our next several meetings are at the Library at these dates:

January 19th from 2-4
February 16th from 11:30-1:00
March 16th from 2-4

6/25/12 Mike Voss gave us the link to a place where you can pitch your scripts on the Resources Page.
6/25/12 Added list of questions to ask yourself about your characters on the Resources page.
6/11/12 Posted a link Lily found where Pixar discusses the rules they use for creating a good story line.
5/7/12 Member Quiet Bob sent in an article regarding Amazon accepting pitches for scripts of all types. Click on the Resources link for details.
4/12 Member Mike Voss brought some great info on Pitch Festivals in L.A. These are where you can pitch directly to the people who are looking for ideas for movies, books etc. For details see the Resource Page or come to the next meeting and speak to Mike.
3/25/12 Updated information on Pitch Festivals on the Resources page.
3/24/12 Updated the meeting info and added Tenn. Screenwriting Association to the Resources page.
2/22/12 Added Budhafest contest to the Resources page.
2/17/12 Added the Third Coast International Audio Festival contest to the Resources page.
2/16/12 Updated the format of the website. Moved the members contact info to a separate page that is secured against web robots.